About Cosmetic Injectables

Cosmetic injectables are a highly effective way of reducing fine lines and restoring volume loss.

As we age, we develop wrinkles and experience a loss of volume. This is normal during the aging process and is caused by the decrease in production of natural collagen and elastin.

Treatments that address dynamic movement (that causes wrinkles) and volume loss are available at Laser Me and Beauty and our registered nurse specialist can assist you with a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs.

The priority at Laser Me and Beauty is achieving a beautiful natural aesthetic using anti wrinkle injections and dermal filler.

  • About Our Nurse

    Our Nurse is a highly skilled, highly trained and experienced injector.

    She aims for natural but effective results and delivers tailored consultations with both herself and the supervising Doctor.

    During your initial consultation, she can discuss which treatment plan will offer the best and most natural looking results for you and devise a plan that suits both your needs and budget.

    Results vary for everyone so consultation is imperative and prices are a guide only.

  • Post Care for Botulinum Toxin Type A

    Do not rub or touch the treated area until the next morning. No facial treatments, laser or massage on day of injections. This is to help avoid any complications.

    It is recommended you do not lie down for the next 4-6 hours as you may inadvertently rub the treated areas. For the same reason you shouldn’t do strenuous exercise after treatment.

    Avoid exposure to any heat treatments such as sauna, hot tub or tanning for up to 48 hours.

    Paracetamol is recommended for any headaches or pain. Try to avoid medicines such as ibuprofen (Nurofen) or diclofenac (Voltaren) for the next 24 hours.

    There is a small risk of bruising. If this occurs do not worry as it is temporary, its generally minor and can easily be covered up with makeup. Arnica tablets and hirudoid cream helps reduce bruising.

    Your treatment will take 4-7 days to start working. It may take 2 weeks to see the full results. If after 2 weeks, you feel that you still have more muscle movement than expected, this can be adjusted at your post injection assessment, at an additional cost.

  • Post Care instructions for Dermal Fillers

    Do not rub or touch the treated area until the next morning.
Do not consume alcohol for 24 hours after the treatment.
Try to avoid lying down or any strenuous exercise for 6 hours after treatment.

    It is recommended to avoid extended exposure to sun or UV light and extreme hot or cold temperatures including hot drinks, if you’re lips have been treated. Avoid facial laser treatment to the treated area for up to four weeks.

    For cheek augmentation it is recommended to avoid restrictive headwear, including goggles, sunglasses or motor-cycle helmets for up to four weeks.

    It is recommended not to apply make up to the treatment area until 12 hours post treatment.

    There will be some swelling and bruising, however do not worry as it will only be temporary. Arnica tablets or hirudoid cream can help reduce bruising.
    You may feel lumps for up to 2 weeks, as your body adjusts to the new volume. If you can see any lumps and have concerns please contact your cosmetic Nurse or Doctor.
    It may take 2 weeks to see the full results and we recommend to book in for a follow up injection assessment with your cosmetic Nurse or Doctor.

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