Anti Wrinkle

Anti-wrinkle Injections

Anti-wrinkle injections work to soften wrinkles by blocking the signal from nerve fibers to muscles, causing a reduction in muscle movement.

  • The result is a relaxed and refreshed appearance.
  • These injections also work to prevent further deepening of lines by reducing repeated creasing.
  • Anti-wrinkle injections can be used in a variety of facial areas and are often used to soften crow’s feet, frown lines and forehead lines. Lower face injections can be used to refine the smile, reduce gummy smile and even treat conditions like temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome and teeth grinding.
  • In addition to this they are highly effective for treating hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).
  • Anti-wrinkle injections are not permanent and last 3-4 months in the upper face and 4-6 months in the lower face.
  • Results are visible after 4 days and will continue to improve as more of the product relaxes the muscles.

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